What It Means To Be A Freelance Writer For A Living

by Anna Agoncillo


As soon as the clock strikes 7 AM, I will immediately get up from my bed and dash to my Acer laptop. I answer several emails and research about the topics that I am going to write on that day. I consider myself blessed to be able to wake up every day and do something I deem as fulfilling and meaningful. That fulfilling and meaningful job is none other than Writing. I am a freelance writer who works from home, much like most of you.

I was not always a freelance writer. I worked a full-time job at the office and quit in the pursuit of other endeavors. Yes! It was scary to swim into the bowels of the unknown but, I used my sufficient knowledge and available resources to continue on. I started writing “psychological” posts on my personal blog – Miss Psychobabble. Eventually, I moved on to writing for a local wedding magazine and international websites. Time and effort had given me the opportunity to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an author.

Last 2014, I released an e-book entitled “Psychology of Love, Money, & Life”. Paved by the modern technology, my book is available at Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo, Apple IBooks, and M1 Learning Centre. It feels good to accomplish something that you worked hard for. I dedicated my book to the people that matter most to me.

Writing changed my life in ways I could never have imagined! It allowed me to inspire others and to pursue international opportunities. That said, here are my take on what it means to become a freelance writer:


Being able to have a flexible timetable gives you the opportunity to spend more time for the people and the activities you love. Setting your own working hours helps you go out for private errands during lunch, go to your family’s school presentations, and go to fun reunions. However, you must set an expected number of hours of work to ensure that time is managed and work is done even if there is no fix structure.


Storytelling has many benefits, including putting events in a cohesive framework,  associating emotions with the events, remembering the events better, focusing on the vital details, and improving your memory in general. Discover what makes life worth living and inspire others through your unique thoughts.


It is a sad truth that many people drag themselves to work every single day to do something they are not fond of just to get enough money to survive. As a writer, I am able to do something that I am extremely passionate about and get paid for it.

Writing gave me a will, a purpose, and a voice. What more can I ask for?

© Anna Agoncillo (text only)


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